Current Sermons

Here are First Church’s most recent audio sermons. All sermons are free and available for download or listening online.

If you are looking for a sermon from a specific date, please visit Sermon Archives for previous sermons. We offer several ways to enjoy our sermons:

To Download:
Save to your computer by clicking on the download button (cloud and arrow icon) at the end of each track.

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Listen online by clicking on play button or the track itself (Note: clicking on the track again will restart the audio to the beginning). Press the pause button only to hold the audio. You can use the progress slider to go to particular part(s) of the audio and use the volume slider to turn up or down the volume; also has the + / – volume button. You can press the Loop button to repeat the track.

To View the full list of sermons:
Sermon series may become longer that the player can display; there will be a scroll bar on the right side to move up and down for additional sermons.

Shepherd Me

Out of Darkness

Born From Above


Heaven on Earth

The Big Fish and the Big, Bad City

Spirit and Truth

Do Not Fear

The Time Has Come

The Way to the Cross

Palm Sunday and Easter 2021

Signs of Life