Elissa Malefyt

Although she was born in Michigan, Elissa was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, by a microbiologist and an English teacher turned CRC minister. She attended Cincinnati CRC (later Crosspoint Church) and graduated from Calvin College with a B.A. in History.  While at Calvin she met her husband, Tim, a native Grosse Pointer and lifelong member of First Church.  After the wedding they moved to Grosse Pointe, where Elissa began her career as a commercial insurance agent.

Elissa has grown to love Grosse Pointe despite her Bearcat fondness for mild winters and chili served on spaghetti, and First Church has been no small part of that.  She enjoys serving the First Church congregation by creating and maintaining processes that make the life of the church run more efficiently and pleasantly.  She also manages the ingoing, outgoing, and internal communication of the church, both virtual and printed, and handles the church calendar and volunteer                                                                                                                   schedules.

In her spare time, Elissa reads, renovates her house, and visits Presidential historic sites.